Esther: A Poetic Scene From a play called Rescued (work in progress)

Hey all,

Here is a God-inspired scene of a play that I’m working on. I felt pressed to write and was able to write 3 scenes but here is one. Let me know if you wanna read the next one 🙂

thank you


Act I Scene I “Silence”

(Narrator names flash across the screen in different colors representing each one)

Esther lives in a small and very old congested New York studio apartment with her father. She has lived there for 3 years since she graduated from college. She hasn’t been able to find a decent job in the past year and has been forced to live at home with her father even longer. Her father has been able to support a home with his retirement. There is one bed that they divide amongst each other. The bedroom is emerged with the living room and slightly cut off by the kitchen. The bathroom is also off to the right. In the living room space is Esther’s father’s turntable and stereo with a tv on top of it. To the right of it is a bookshelf and an aloe vera plant. To the right is a wooden table piled with things. The kitchen is only 2 square feet including the stove, sink and fridge.

Narrator/Voice Over: Narrator Name: Struggle

During the narration of this, Esther takes on all direction from Struggle. Esther hides dollar bills around the house whenever she is able to get a few dollars from  either a part time job that pays her little to nothing or from her father who manages to give her a few bucks here and there. She likes to surprise herself and calls this method, “discipline” for when she needs to have money for things like bus fare to go job hunting and laundry which she desperately needs now. She hasn’t done laundry in 3 weeks and has been staying home since she doesn’t have bus fare.

It was time for her…

to invest in herself, in a real way…

so she grabbed her jar of coins, dumped them out on the kitchen floor, and for one half hour she counted copper and silver until it reached its peak, of equaling only but nine dollars. She thought to herself: that’s not enough investment…

She sat down…

on her living room sofa, contemplating on all the hidden dollar bills in her father’s studio. She even pondered for a minute and thought: I know I love me better than this.

So she jumped up in rush to find dollar bills, crushed in books that laid lifelessly on a shelf, some flat with no creases under her lamps and others in between the sofa.

She thought: damn, I only have seven dollars.

She ran to the stereo and powered it on to only hear classical guitar trying to tear through the speakers as she tore through her mind, looking for hidden and suppressed memories of gain that would bring her to some type of salvation so she ripped off bedroom sheets and her her top until only left wearing her bra, flinging pillows left and right but gripping a pillow case to wipe the sweat from her neck.

Gasping for breath. Frustrated that she can’t add up enough to do her dirty laundry and buy a buss pass, she finally collapses on the floor covered in rug. She grips the yarn of it while wiping her tears and as she grips it, she notices a lump in the rug. She presses it and quickly jumps up on her knees to pull to find out what’s under the rug. she pulls the rug up and finds folded a bunch of 1s and 5s. She grabs it to start counting and then the phone rings, she rushes over to the dresser to pick it up and this is how the conversation goes:


“Hi Esther”

“(excitement) Hey Jackie, how are you??

“hhhuhh. I’m alrighhht. Things are always happening. It’s like I can’t have peace but I’m trying to hang in there. I wanted to ask you for a favor. I have to be at my job early in the morning on Saturday and wanted to ask if you could watch Justin for me. I could give you a little something—”

“Jackie…you don’t need to do that, I will be glad to watch Justin for you”

“Esther, thank you SO much—you don’t know how much this means to me—it’s just that it’s been so hard since my rent went up to be able to get daycare for Justin and I may even have to pull him out of the program that he goes to on Tuesdays and Thursdays—I really don’t know what to do” (begins to sob)

“Your rent went up? When—how—why??”

“Well they found that I made me too much on one stinking holiday and they used that for the reason to increase my rent to $1900 and I mean way out of my pocket—I can’t no way no how afford that! You know I don’t make that much and I really don’t know what to do. I haven’t even been able to buy food and I’ve just been struggling. I don’t have any type of government assistance but with this now being on my record, I wouldn’t even qualify. I have been feeling like just giving in and really I feel that way this very second”

(Esther listens)

“I am just so tired of this—just trying so hard to make ends meet and it grabs me every time I feel like it’s about to be ok”

“Jackie, if you don’t know mind me asking how much do you make a month?”

“It varies.”

“Do you know a range like from 500-$700?

“Like $500-$600.”

(Esther sighs…) “There has to be something that can be done about this.”

“Well the only thing suggested was that I get a hearing.”

“Jackie it may be worth it—I—I would support you and come you know, whatever you need.”

“Thank you Esther but I don’t think it will make a difference be—”

“No Jackie it could. There are situations all the time where the judge hears the person out and it sounds like you have a reasonable situation.”

“Yeeeahhh…I don’t knowwww.”

(Silence on both ends)

“Esther, I am actually at my appointment right now to talk to this lady, can I give you a call right back?”

“Jackie, of course. I’m here.”

“Thank you—I will call you back”

“Ok. bye Jackie”


End Scene


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