Bye-Bye Past and Hello New Me

Poor relationships have ALWAYS been the RUIN of me. Since the time I gave myself away. Seeking to fill a void that I now know only God can fill because we as human beings are destructive to ourselves and one another. Even your parents can’t be everything to you and you as a parent won’t be able to be everything to your child (ren). Until we learn to be content in God, we then will stop looking to human beings to be COMPLETELY everything for us. Our expectations need to be revalued and the root of our disappointments as well. Lately I’ve been proud of myself, posting all about what I’m doing because for once I am loving me and not some guy that didn’t. Spent too much of my younger years loving people who weren’t deserving, friends relationships, jobs and even in my art—giving but not giving myself what was due….But I’m proud because I’m on a new level of confidence and strength. I’m focused, I’m persevering, I’m being made over and I’m ignoring my past that tries to creep back into my life. Maybe with good intentions or maybe not but I’m worthy of real love, joy, someone building me and bringing the best out of me.

“Hello past, I have no hard feelings
against you but I’ve moved on.
Thank you for the love but unfortunately
I have to keep moving on.
I understand you miss me but unfortunately
you should have realized what you had when you had it.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve accepted that we all struggle
so I don’t look down on you.
But I’m not the same person you knew so it won’t work now.
Peace and much love to you.”


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  1. Sister, thank you for this. You are definitely my inspiration right now when it comes to self-love and self-confidence. Your revived energy is breathtaking! Keep it going!

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