The Process of Change: Perseverance. push. strive

“This is my break through stage … I am still up against the wall but hey it’s a process”
One of my friends told me and I couldn’t help but to be amazed at how much this image illustrated my process as well. The process of change. And growth. Looking at this image gave me chills because it’s exactly what I needed to see in order to express what I’ve been going through, what my friend is going through.

I feel I’m the fourth woman dancing in freedom but I’m actually still in third place. I’ve been saying to friends and family, “just give me a little more time and you will see”. This stage is about what is “upcoming” things that are about to be “birthed”, “churning”. It could be a vision I have going under construction or simple as getting my own place. But still, the third woman is a new place for me. And it feels amazing. I know that I have more room because I’m even writing more! I’m doing all the things that I love and I’m committed and more confident. I can’t imagine the next stage.

It looks like the second woman is trying to wiggle herself free. Often we feel this way and don’t quite know how to describe what we are going through. We can’t explain it to others. We want to scream out of the situation. It can be depicted as a very frustrating stage when you’re striving and things don’t seem to be going right or situation after situation keeps taking place—constantly trying to hold you back, literally and figuratively. But if you can actually see yourself against a wall but at the end dancing, then that is a healthy sign of hope, faith, growth, confidence and perseverance. Keep going down your path, continue to be equipped and know that with strength and perseverance, things look and ARE a lot better on the other side. It takes work but it’s definitely absolute with persistence. Continue to wiggle yourself free.

Perseverance. Push. Strive

The first woman. I believe I was still a girl at the time. Immature, naive, angry and broken. I wanted freedom that I didn’t know how to get but I always saw it. Is it worse to be in bondage and not see yourself free or to be in bondage and see yourself free?

This stage was a stage of depression, deep pain, loss and being lost. It was scary and lonely. Whether friends or no friends and family around, whether in a relationship or no relationship, it was lonely. But I still trusted God when I felt I couldn’t trust others. Some of us are in this stage and because of the pain it takes to get out we stay in it. Some of us are in this stage because we have been stuck for so long, we don’t know that we can get out. But if you’re reading this and are in this stage, then that means you have a little bit of hope and faith to get out and you can build upon your faith and hope, and it’s real hope—you have what it takes. You can get out. Many of us have, many of us are preserving and pushing. You can join on the journey.

Perseverance. Push. Strive

I am lucky enough to have gotten this picture from my friend but it’s my plan to leave you with more photography that will often depict our lives as women and girls.

This is an image I put together and what depicts my process of change. I took it the other night and I felt vey close to it as it made me think of The Unclothed Series…
Where are you? Or where have you been?




  1. Great piece Marquita…#SWIFT This piece highlights the authentic EVOLution needed for life-building of the CORE/CENTER. In the midst of the concrete, the rose finds a way to sprout, blossom and grow. Give Thanks to #TUPAC for the poem

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