Women + Sickness + Strength = Perseverance


Often we struggle with deep emotional and spiritual challenges that affects our reality and ourselves, how we function, how we view the world and how we connect with others.

Many of us don’t like to be in a vulnerable state or having to address our situations to others because we fear being judged and criticized. It’s uncomfortable and exposes who we are, passed what we portray.

Who are we not to fear in a society that tells us to only project our strengths and not our weaknesses. Only speak about your successes and not your failures. It’s quite frustrating.

Many of us shy away from those that portray weaknesses because we are all racing to be better and can’t afford to feel down by someone else’s energy. We live in a society that has many resources for healing but it’s not pushed…no one really cares that people have issues and people don’t care because they have their issues of their own.

But what if I told you that addressing those things in a real way would allow you to be content with being around others with illnesses? The truth is, anyone who wants to run away from another person in a weak and vulnerable place goes to show how weak they are.

In short, as we pursue our goals and visions, let’s make sure we are pursuing the goal of emotional and spiritual health. If you know you have a serious deep matter, find someone whom you can trust, start to see a therapist, write, sing etc whatever it is that you do well, channel all of your dealings in to it. If you pray, talk to God about all that you don’t tell I anyone. Ask god to show you who are and to help you through. Telling is the first part of healing. And remember, EVERYONE has weaknesses, whether you can see them or not so be encouraged about being human.



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