Break the Cycle of Facades, We are Dying

  The idea of how to live think and do and be as a human is based on society. Society is messed up because human beings are messed up. The same society that made that false illusion to appear like all of these things: perfect, happy, beautiful, sexy, no baggage, light-weighted, simple, totally at peace, everything is easy-look, laugh and smiiiiile, I’m full of optimism ALL of the time, “I’m just so happy!” 😊, “look what I’m doing I’m just so happy!😊. All these things come from people who wanted to, like Daniel Beaty said, [paraphrasing], achieve to the point of exhaustion to try to solve the deep inner feelings of burden. But even when he did that and realized his pain was still there his last option was the desire to die. These people in doing so created facades for everyone to wear including themselves so then we got a false illusion of what it means to be human and naturally in pain. These same people who are broken but will do anything to the point of exhaustion to make those things go away. These people that have always had power have passed down their sickness to “society”, has stamped and branded how society should be. Has done so for generations but no persons until truly now are speaking about the war on these boxes, these false illusions, these facades, these goals that are half fake and just ways to avoid the real pain, skeletons and darkness brewing on the inside. The question is, do you want healing? Because if you do then you want truth. The truth is you must go back to your creator. You can examine yourself but god is the one who can fix those things. Even in all of our efforts to improve, ultimately it’s a spiritual battle therefore god’s spirit has to transform. How can human hands fix it’s own spirit? Yes we can do the steps to bring forth healing but the work is done at the core of our spirit. Let’s break the vicious cycle that is murdering our spirits.

Be blessed fam


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