Learning to Walk in Christ


If salvation is freedom, it’s ill of us to act as though we are enslaved to sin.

Good afternoon family. God has graced me with a boldness to share my heart and even that is not to its fullness. I’m so encouraged. Encouraged by God’s word and who he is. I feel that in this new season, God has been consistent about getting me to understand that he is consistent in his love no matter what. He is teaching me that there is nothing I can do to make him love me more or less. That there’s no right or wrong that can make him love me more or less because his work was done for me on the cross and it wasn’t me that did the work so I shouldn’t think that any of my work is going to make a difference about his love when he already proved his love. 

It’s easy to feel that when you mess up you think God be like, “Im out”; it’s just that God doesn’t dwell in sin and if we do then of course he can’t be present right? Dwell [live in] in sin then the outcome is to literally live separate from God but rather than say “stay separate from sin” (because it’s impossible), the focus is to “dwell in God” to experience Gods presence and all that comes with it because no matter how many times we fall, as long as we still look to him (persevere), he will deliver us; because of sin, dwelling in him is not perfect or consistent but because of who is, we don’t have to worry about that as long as we dwell in him. He has no law that mentions that a perfect relationship with him must be and neither a law that a relationship with a perfect God brings hope but because of his love the idea and opportunity is there. It’s not always about falling but what God wants to teach us in the falling because obviously if we are still struggling with that or anything, then there’s something we still need to learn and also, looking to him in the mist teaches us humility as sinners. Like a father would, he gets upset too and disciplines us but doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us aka we feel Godly sorrow which makes us get it together over and over again until deliverance comes; it also reminds us that he wants the best for us, doesn’t want us to stay in that place and is always communicating with us—no don’t be silent Lord; reminds us how much we need him. Unconditional love. When we keep persevering and running this race marked out for us, eventually we are going to receive the crown of victory. Persevering at all angles of everything such as loving God, ourselves and others through demonstration. 

My struggle with thinking God turns from me is different in this season because I’ve been realizing more and more how weak I am on my own and how dependent upon the Lord I am becoming and because I’m truly beginning to come to terms with that, I somehow desire him more when I make mistakes or when I fall and actually seek his face more; instead of dwelling on the sin, I choose to dwell on him which in return strengthens me to be able resist sin (s). I guess you can say I’ve been learning to walk which makes me a baby in Christ and I really realized that recently when God showed me how my consistency is beginning to form. Doesn’t mean I don’t sin but it means I’m starting to get this whole walk business. A baby falls many times when learning to walk but they don’t give up trying because they have their parents there to help and once mommy and daddy shows them that they can stand, they desire to do it more and they mostly rely on them to stand up and walk while some of their body weight leans on them. Even standing is a separate process. Sometimes mommy and daddy will step away to allow the baby to go through the experience of standing and walking on their own but they’re right there watching. Often babies grab a whole of things to get some balance to stand, trying to do it on their own although it’s still beneficial for them to hold on until they can stand independently because it’s still a learning process but eventually they have to learn to walk without holding on to things and still need their parent’s assistance but eventually will have to learn without it but the good thing is that their parents will always be there to make sure they aren’t endangered or get hurt etc and while they stand on their own two feet, they don’t ever have to walk alone. As babies, we gain some level of independence but we can enjoy the benefit of walking with our parents which is them leading the way, talking with us and holding our hand and picking us up when we fall as well as showing us love when we stumble. Leaning on God takes away the despair and worry that we won’t ever get it right but it’s not our job to try to be perfect or in control of our salvation because we didn’t create it. If salvation is freedom, it’s ill of us to act as though we are enslaved to sin. 

My desire for him has been growing and it’s not by force like before but he really has been changing my heart when some time ago I asked him to penetrate my heart and then remember someone even praying that over me as if they heard my prayer. I desire to serve him more through loving others more (for me it’s challenging because of my poor patience but I’m learning) and much better, I desire to chew on his word and digest it in my life. Relationship with God is a journey and we have to live up to what we have obtained but also respect the process. God is in control therefore don’t try to predict what it’ll be along the way but do your best and if that’s your best then that’s your best.

 Although everything isn’t the enemy’s fault, it’s fair to say that we know when we are being attacked (when something opposite of good or God’s love happens that is “completely” out of our control and nothing to do with our influence) and he works with our mind but God is working on my mind more so the enemy’s attacks don’t last and if they do, they’re not significant or anything to focus on or worry about because God has to and will always remain first as long as we keep putting him first in all things no matter what; the enemy and even ourselves wants to trick us into believing that we are doomed or it’s hopeless and just depressing, and we even think that we have to be self-reliant if we are to struggle with sin, make a mistake or even rebel but it’s not so…don’t believe it. God is tremendous and seeking His face, love and his presence is transforming no matter what. Anyhow, be encouraged fam! Much love


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