Part I: A Little Organization (Simple Practical Wisdom)

Believe it or not, these steps may seem very simple but believe it or not, most people don’t follow through with them.

So first things first—I have been utilizing my calendar a lot more. folk, don’t keep stuff STUFFED in your head. Write it down and mark it on a calendar. It will prevent you unecessary stress. So that’s number one

2. I’ve been making lists—yes I am a list person! always have been! lol —when you know you have much to accomplish. As I mentioned before, don’t keep it in your head, write it all down! Write it in the order of operation if you like. But get it all down…make it plain on a tablet because if you don’t write it, it can never come into the first stage of REALITY. It’s the same with all of your ideas—write them down!  Keep the list near by…buy a small note pad or note book if you have to…but please, this will help you with the PROCRASTINATION.

3. Mark down all of the things that you do on your calendar. This will help you see over a course of a month what you have been doing and even a year which will help you to better prepare for the next year at the end of this year. It can either be good or bad but what it will do is give you a perspective on the activity that is going on in your life—rather, the PRODUCTIVITY and if there is any? I do this and I love it…even with the things on a smaller level such as marking down when I put new products in my hair or when I wash it lol—seriously. I mark down when I have to pay bills and when and how much.

4. Speaking of bills, if you don’t already have a budget get one! Especially yall with good paying jobs wondering where your money is going?! hello! “You plan to fail when you fail to plan”—-It’s so easy to get comfortable with your money and let it go to waste. No point in recieving a check if none of it’s going to be a part of any life-time investments. Unless you want to live pay check to pay check. Not me—-but I must say this is not at all easy at first and takes time because I’m still working at it and that’s key, hang in there until you are all the way on!

5. This is one that I am approaching as it has been running like wheels in my head but—make short term and long term goals. I know that we have heard about this so much and we don’t really do it but when you start to REALLY get going and realize that you can’t get to pont C without a bridge from point B, you will be forced to do so. Be realistic, practical and feasible. Short term goals are mini steps to the life long goals that you want to accomplish. And you will!





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  1. This is so powerful, insightful and helpful…however, its etremely long…lol. You could’ve broken this up into s dope series. The first part is all about practical wisdom, the rest is Godly wisdom. If u broke it up a bit, u could post more often than every 10 days. You’d also probably get more readers as well.
    Keep it up woman of God…i’ll be checkin’ in. 😉

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