Take A Step Towards Success, Whether a Half One or Whole

Can’t get to point C without building a bridge from point B. Elevation is all about taking the right steps and going in the right direction. There really has to be order before there can be any elevation. Can’t see the results that I want until I work hard and “consistently. I was talking to my uncle today and he said that he does not get intimidated by women in the gym who can lift more than some men (and he’s a big dude) because he knows if she worked hard to do that then she earned that. It’s about working hard consistently and being disciplined along side a lot of determination and confidence so that your muscles grow. This is pretty much the same thing with success in general; gotta work at it so that you can grow and go higher.

Attitude is a Step Towards Success

Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death,  and those who love it will eat its fruit.

(Where is your attitude and confidence?) People take lightly what they say because they think that it won’t take affect but that’s not so. When I learned the true “power” of words, I immediately stopped saying negative things over my life, my situations and myself. I truely experience greatness because I expect greatness based on what I have to say to myself and to my situations. I have totally been transformed because I changed my attitude. BTW, attitude and a good one is a part of reaching success.

Parable of the Sower ( Matthew 13) To praphrase, this chapter speaks on a farmer who sowed seed and when a farmer lays out seed on his bed of soil, he sprinkles them from his hand; in doing so he is expecting to reap a harvest of all sorts of foods. Some of the soil goes on path, some on “rocky places”, some on thorns and some on soil. All of the places in which the seed landed on except the soil did not grow. They either got scorched by the sun, eaten by the birds, choked by the thorns but they never got a chance to live because it was not properly sowed–not in the proper place and it was not cared for. Think of the seed as your goals and visions.

Often, our goals and visions get choked up because we often plant seed in the wrong places, around the wrong people allowing them to get eaten by birds—we often abandon them to be scorched by the sun. We often let life’s trials choke them to death by thorny bushes. And we cry and we become so miserable and unhappy as people because we did not nourish the seeds that we had. The vision and ideas you let birds scoop up or a bad attitude or insecurities that said that was impossible to do. OR perhaps people who said you wouldn’t or won’t be anything. But will we continue to let our seeds go to waste or will we begin to plant them in the rich and deep God-given soil?

Understand that if you are going to reap harvest, we have to sow some good seeds…a lot of this is going to be painful as you have to give up your time and work  more hours in what you love but you love it , right? Many people don’t carry out their visions because they’re so accustomed to average life styles but I’m here to tell you that if you want an above-average life than you’re going to have to live and do some above-average things. Many of the small steps to success add up for the big steps. Think of it like a 1,000 piece puzzle. You are piecing together several parts so that you can have one great picture!

Lastly, Your seeds need light to grow and bring about reaping a harvest. So understand that, if you’re in a dark place or around some negative folks or perhaps you are an obstacle to yourself. Understand, in order for you to be successful, to flourish, you’re gonna have to figure out why there isn’t any light in certain areas of your life and why your seeds aren’t growing or why they are in certain [dark] places that they shouldn’t be.



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